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Black Friday Freebie!!!
Lung Ma, Chinese Dragon, Fursona, Horns, Dragon
dementyia wrote in f3convention
Black Friday Freebie: share this journal, comment here with the link to your sharing, and be entered to win one of three drawings in this style, ( Black Friday Freebie: share this journal, comment here with the link to your sharing, and be entered to win one of three drawings in this style, ( & ( donated by :iconkryistina:
F3 Convention, Missouri's Furry Con, is really going to happen, and with your help, we can make it great!
F3, Missouri's Furry Convention
Springfield, MO
December 14th-16th, 2012
Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center
F3 is Springfield Missouri's first furry convention, dedicated to fans of all ages who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters such as cartoons. Our primary goal is to entertain and educate about anthropomorphic artistry of all varieties, exploring creativity while enriching the lives of youth through costuming and showcasing the talents of the local community, while raising  funds for our chosen animal charity.
2012 Will be our first convention and we would love for you  to celebrate our “grand opening” with us!
Guests of Honor are Calamity Cougar, Okidoki Coyote, and Hazard!
We are still looking for art and stories for the conbook as well!
Also, we have a huge special! The first 100 pre-registrations will be getting a free F3 keychain! This is retroactive, so if you have already registered as an artist, vendor, or attendee of any rank, you get a free keychain too! =^_^=
And Contests!!!
So here's the deal: We are giving away two signed postcard prints from Ryan Wheaton. (
1)You post a journal advertising this contest and linking to this post, with the title "Free Art From Missouri's Furry Convention". 
2)Comment back here ( or send an email to F3con at gmail dot com with a link to your journal in your comment, and the words "F3convention gives me freebies".
3) You CAN have multiple entries to win! For each separate social network you advertise this journal on, and link us to, you get another entry to win one of these great prints!
4)Contest ends December 1st. Prizes will be mailed. Display art for this post ( has been digitally watermarked. Shipped art is not watermarked.
An FA banner contest!
Our banner is now live on #FurAffinity! 1st to send a screen-cap gets a #free #F3con sticker from our Funraiser!
If you can't be at the con in person, you can still support F3con and get free goodies by donating to our fun-raiser at (
Who is coming as of right now?
December Meets
Friday, December 7th: First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Springfield, MO. We will be meeting in the library on Park Central street (the square) around 5:30pm. We will wait until about 6:30 before we head out wandering, just in case of late arrivals. Bring your suit if you have one, and we'll be handing out fliers as we wander.
Saturday, December 8th, Fursuiting at the Downtown Christmas Parade on the square in Springfield, MO
We'll be playing with the kids, having fun, and handing out convention fliers! Suit if you can, this is going to be a blast! 11am-2pm-ish, come when you can, late arrivals ok!
Then, at 3pm that same day, we'll be over at the Mediacom Ice Park (also downtown) for Free ice skating at ($2.50 Ice skate rental) No fursuits allowed for safety reasons, but an hour of skating and chatting with friends. You do not have to rent skates to attend if you aren't skating, or if you have your own skates.
Three meets in two days? Heck yeah, let's make a weekend of it! 
December 14th-16th, F3 Furry Convention! Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center 
3333 South Glenstone, Springfield, MO
After December, we will be slowing down to a more reasonable furmeet schedule, so that folks don't have to pick and choose between all of the meets, the out of town furs have less pressure to use all their money on fuel, and we can have more furs at the meets. :) Quality, not quantity! =^_^=


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