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This Weekend's Events
Lung Ma, Chinese Dragon, Fursona, Horns, Dragon
dementyia wrote in f3convention
Come get your bowl on, Saturday July 13th, at 3pm
Battlefield Lanes, 1127 E Battlefield Street, Springfield, MO
This is our fave bowling center, with food, arcade games, a bar, and more. Fursuits welcome.
The donation bear will be there for those that wish to help out F3convention in a financial way, as well as volunteer and staff applications available for those that are interested in a more hands-on approach. There will also be pocket-fliers advertising F3 Convention available for you to take home and distribute. :3
Shoe Rental is $2.49per person, with $3.49 per game until 5pm. Game cost increases to $3.99 per game after 5pm. You do not have to bowl to attend this meet, but purchasing something from the host venue is encouraged.
This is an open event for all ages. If you chose to drink, please do so responsibly.
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Free Gaming Event!
Another of our all-fandom meetups, a bunch of us are going to be getting together at the G.A.M.E. Day at the Creamery Arts Center!
G.A.M.E. DAY - Sunday, July 14th, from 11AM to 8PM
The Creamery Arts Center, 411 N. Sherman Parkway, Springfield, MO
GAME DAY is the one-day gaming event and fund raiser for the Game Arts & Media Expo in October. This is one of F3 convention's local fur-friendly conventions, and there is always a good time to be had. Donating a bit to the G.A.M.E.convention is encouraged as a way to thank them for letting us hang out and play games all day, but it is not mandatory.
Role-Playing, Board Games, Miniature Wargaming, Electronic Gaming, Miniature Painting and more! They will have some materials available, but please feel free to bring your own stuff too.
:Stitchfanicon: will be there for at least half the day and will be hosting the Action RPG board game, "Warhammer 40k: RELIC" (Game play based on Talisman, but cooler). There will only be 3 seats available for this game, on a first-come basis (no reserved seats). The game takes 3-5 hours and is moderately easy to learn.
:kryistinaicon: will bring her extensively modified Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble, and Killer Bunnies.
Pocket-sized fliers for F3convention will be available at this event for you to take home and distribute, but you will need to ask Lung Ma for them.
See you there! :3